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Lessons ( part 1 )

First off, let me say that I started this entry as part 1 as Im sure there will be plenty more of these for me. It seems to me that Ive learned alot more in the past month about life, love, discipline, thought processes, everything, than I ever have before. At 25 lol.

I just had an interesting conversation with the girl that I mentioned in an earlier post. She said she was going through some rough patches and really didnt wanna talk about it for fear of pushing me away and me judging her. So after some time of me trying to reassure her that I would never do that, especially with her, she confided in me. Its not my place to put it on here where anyone may read it but its something that I could definately relate to and have been down the same road before. We talked about it and it made me really wanna get there and be with her and help her through it. Maybe I am stupid for throwing myself back into a fire I so hardly escaped but Im going to.


With all the working out I do, and at the end of every work out and training I feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. I am, however, always looking for more to add and explore in the world of body improvement. So today I added a new workout program to my weekly regiment and it is high intensity cardio days. I always do some kind of cardio daily but today was alot more intense.

The whole workout pushed me both mentally and physically and I loved every second of it. I had to dig deep to get through and that is what I have been looking for in order to push my physical limits further and further. When exhaustion set in, I kept going foward and that is something that I am very proud of.

til next time


So today Ive turned 25. Old is how Im feeling for sure, lol. I cant imagine myself changing much for my birthday though. I have stayed true to my daily grind, up early to the same old same old. Got a good workout and kickboxing session in, and stayed pretty true to the diet as normal except for some cake and ice cream with the family. Gonna go out to a nice steakhouse for dinner but other than that, just relaxing to some good movies and what not.
Its always great to see a buch of people wish you happy birthday as well which is what I woke up to.

Been a good day all in all.

til next time

good things on the horizon :)

Im glad to say that everything is really falling into place. I start working at a radiator shop next week, workouts and training and this diet have been going great, and I reconnected with an old friend today. We had a brief relationship and then it ended as I think I was just too young and too crazy at the time. We started talking again and I was surprised that she was still crazy about me. I decided to get ahold of her as I have found myself thinking alot about her as of late. Its crazy how things work I think. We are making plans to get together soon and catch up and see how things go from there. I have hopes in mind for this meeting further than just that though that I wont post at this time but I sure as hell hope that I can make them happen.

So until then Ill be working my ass off and saving up some money to do all I can to bring these hopes to life. Im sure Ill post more of my thoughts and feelings and what not on this topic as the days go bye and all.

til next time

Entertainment :)

Im a huge movie and good tv buff to say the least. I spend alot of time looking for good things to watch no matter what the genre or actors or whatever. I like everything. As far as tv shows go, I really love to follow: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, the Simpsons, Family Guy, the Walking Dead. Freakshow, the Ultimate Fighter, and Comic Book Men. Although I like alot more tv, those are the shows that I like to follow the night they come on. I regularly watch Ridiculousness as well. Lately Ive been watching alot of older shows as well.
For movies, I have been watching alot of comedies really, especially late at night. 21 jump street, the sitter, the watch, I now pronounce you chuck and larry, extract, and horrible bosses.

I have a huge list of movies that I am setting out to watch over the next week or so as well as probably watching the ones I just listed a few more times, lol.

If there is something anyone can recommend to me, then please let me know. I will check anything out and give it a chance.

til next time


A Few Days In

When I moved a few weeks ago, I had not been keeping up with my normal workouts and training. Was eating mindlessly and just not really caring. So when I finally busted out the scale I was very shocked to see that I was weighing 172. Looking back now I really shouldnt of been surprised. I guess it was more disappointment than anything.

So I got to it. You can see my daily grind post to see what my regiment is like. But I am back to it and losing weight. Ive got a good diet going on again, which I love. Eating healthy is something I love. Ive also got a great workout program going on that Im always looking to improve on.

Ive ate a great dinner tonight and am relaxing for a while before bed. Gonna enjoy some tv episodes and maybe a good movie and then its time for bed before the morning grind starts tomorrow.:)

til next time


The Daily Grind

My daily grind is ever changing but there are a few things that remain regardless of what is going on the day. I wake up early before the sun comes out. This is the time where I like to center myself, maybe watch a few videos on youtube that motivate and inspire me, usually have a cup of coffee and take my vitamins. I take my pre workout, stretch, and start the days workout which is always followed by some mma, wrestling, BJJ, or muay thai training depending on the day, but at least one of those happens every day regardless, Then I have a protein shake, shower, and clean up my house. I usually try to relax and have a good healthy lunch and clear my head before the afternoon grind.
Afternoon is time for another workout, usually cardio and training again which is always great and exciting. I like to get a healthy snack after that and get some family time in with my sisters and parents. We like to play basketball, call of duty, or just chill really.

Now of course this will take some minor changes very soon as Im looking to start working again right after I get my license back which is scheduled. I would already be working but getting to and from work is hard at the moment as I live about 30 to 45 minutes from everything lol. But whatever, gives me time to do what I love to do more which is workout and train. Regardless of working full time, I will still begetting my workouts and training in. I will be working a normal am to pm job so ill have the late afternoon to get my workouts and practices in, just gonna have to go a little harder during the week and get my double workouts in on the weekend lol.

Posting this was really just for me, so I can really look back sometime down the road and see how I spent my time. I would love to hear of other peoples daily grinds and rituals as well so feel free to message me to talk more in detail.

til next time

Another day goes by

Everyday is a chance to improve on yourself and your life. That is something that I've learned as of late and am taking full advantage of. When I wake up in the morning I am up and motivated to improve. I just wanna be 1% better than I was the day before.

Not too long ago this was def not me though. So everyday I get up, work hard, stay positive, and improve on something in my life. Everyone can use improvement. When I go to sleep at night, I can rest easy knowing that I have improved a little bit. Thats honestly a great great feeling.

til next time

The Watch ( Review )

I just finished The Watch, with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill and like I said I would do, here is the review of it. :)

This movie had me laughing my ass off. From start to finish I couldnt get enough. The cast is formed of very funny people who all brough out the best in each other. I could watch this over and over and it would still be hilarious every time. Its definately a movie that Ill be coming back to watch very often.

If you enjoy alien movies, action, and tons of humor I'd check this one out for sure.

until next time


Good movies

So sleep for me is pretty rare, I feel like a insomniac really, only sleeping an hour or two a day if Im lucky. So Ive been watching alot of movies lately, both new and old. Right now Im watching The Watch with Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and Vince Vaughn. Ive been watching alot of them though so maybe I will start doing a review on them as well. Just something to help occupy my time and if people do like to read what I post they have more to read and see my opinions on things. I just turned this movie on so when its over Ill do my first review. ;)

til next time